Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Redcliffs School.   

It is my privilege to be the principal of Redcliffs School.  We are part of a vibrant and attractive community located by the sea in the east of Christchurch.  Our children and families love Redcliffs School and the exciting range of programmes and opportunities we offer.  We provide a high quality and comprehensive education for children from Years 1 to 8 (ages 5 to 13).
2011 was an incredible year for our school and the Redcliffs community.  Violent earthquakes shattered our idyllic village.  In February and June many homes were damaged, and rocks fell from the cliffs surrounding 2 sides of our school grounds.  After June we had to relocate our school to the nearby seaside village of Sumner.  Currently we are staying on the beautiful grounds of van Asch Deaf Education Centre, Sumner.  Our children catch school buses to and from Redcliffs each day to make the short trip.  Although it has been a difficult time in many ways, this adventure has shown us how strong the heart of our community is, and the amazing resilience and positivity of our children.

During 2015 and 2016 our amazing school was at risk of closure due to the risk of future disruption. The entire community worked extemely hard and remained positive that we would overturn this decision of closure. The school BOT prepared 2 comprehensive submissions showing the importance of having our school stay open and how low the risk of future disruption would actually be in the case of a future event. The Minister was also sent another 3000 submissions supporting the school to stay open and 7500 people signed a petition.

In November 2017 the Minister announced that Redcliffs School would remain open and be rebuild over the road at Redcliffs Park. We have our BOT and entire community and supporters to thank for keeping our school. We fully know that our school is at the heart of our community. We look forward to opening the gates of our new school in mid 2019. 
In the meantime here at Redcliffs@van Asch we have our wonderful hard-working staff and terrific students enjoying our 'home away from home'.  We are committed to continuing to provide the best in teaching and learning with small class sizes and an emphasis on opportunities and excellence for all students. 

We welcome visits and inquiries from families interested in joining the Redcliffs community.
Rose McInerney